Chemicals in Bulk Containers

RFID helps track any material packed in bulk containers from supplier to production and all the way to end customers.

A short introduction to tracking big bags, barrels and IBCs with RFID

Chemical products such as liquid and powder are difficult to tell apart by nature. RFID helps give a unique and easily traceable identity to barrels, big bags or IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). Hence picking, finding, loading and tracking of chemical matters speeds up. Once a container is filled with the finished product it gets a unique identity which is then used to track the container as well as batch and other production data. This fulfills legal obligations, tracks any warehouse movements and removes manual errors through automation.


Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4 Point 5





Ready for loading




Delivery to customer

Leading Fertilizer Company

Big Bag on track with RFID

The RFID implementation has provided the customer with a 100% legal compliance of the regulations as well as full control over end-to-end production and delivery process of each asset at any given time, from factory to farm.
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