Shipment Verification

RFID ensures error-free deliveries

A short introduction to shipment verification with RFID

It is crucial that shipping and loading of deliveries happens at speed especially in peak hours. To expedite the process, the correctness of the shipment can be verified already at the packing phase. When picking and packing single handling units to a shipment, RFID is used to automatically identify item level tagged products, and to verify that all needed products have been added to this shipment. With our RFID solution the entire chain from receiving a pick list to loading the delivery can be streamlined and secured. This speeds up the process, removes all manual errors, cuts down stock turnaround time and increases customer satisfaction just to mention few of the advantages.

Point 1 Point 2 Point 3 Point 4

Pick list received




Shipment ready




Fresh, fast, always available

Exceptional direction detection and no-touch loading verification of  6000 pallets per day  
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Parcels where they belong

Specialised wholesale secures the delivery of 5.5 million parcels on a yearly basis
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