Bye bye 2020, welcome 2021

We made it! So did you!

What an eventful year this has been!

During the pandemic a lot of the news we read is about health and the spread of the pandemic. Well, looking back we noticed that this year was full of new experiences, learning and clever ways of co-operation. And we thought you might enjoy having a look at a few pictures to show you just how this year went.

All of our fun parties cancelled?

For an international team used to meet each other from time to time this was not an easy year. Typically we have a great, big summer party, where everyone from all corners of Europe meets up. This year of course, this had to be cancelled.

Luckily we had scheduled some meetings for the beginning of the year such as our Sales & Marketing team meeting and this “After Christmas Party” with the entire Finnish & Swedish teams involved.


Turck Vilant Systems yearly party

In January colleagues still visited us, but from March onward we met everybody only online for a bit

Jan-Oliver visiting from Germany and testing our new RFID Gate setup

RFID Gate tests at Turck Vilant Systems

Martti from our sales training our Turck colleagues around the world.

RFID remote training during Covid-19

As the travel restriction lifted a bit, we learned to work with protective gear for our installations.

Covid-19 safety measures at customer site visits.

Turck Vilant Systems RFID installations and site surveys Covid-safe

Outside installations are easier and here even in solitude.

Turck Q300 RFID reader installation on trackside

Read more about track-side monitoring in Finland featuring Turck Q300 reader for the first time in 2020.

We set out for 2020 with high hopes. Now we enter 2021 with new, but maybe higher hopes

From a business perspective we started 2020 with great hopes, many others surely too. Turck Vilant System had quite a successful 2019, in fact it bought us a return to the yearly TIVI ie Tietoviikko list of largest Finnish ICT companies, rated on their performance. These 250 companies have a combined turnover of over €50 billion, which in 2019 it grew with 4% in comparison to 2018. More than 180.000 Finns work in these companies. So certainly Turck Vilant Systems feelt proud to be included in this group of impressive companies.


The entire list is available for TIVI subscribers online.

* TE Rating is determined by Talouselämä, a leading Finnish Business magazine and is based on the company financial performance
** Success Score is calculated by Alma Talent Tietopalvelut and it combines six key performance indicators related to financial success and risk

An extract of the TIVI listing

Turck Vilant Systems among largest Finnish ICT companies

For everyone in our network – we wish you a prosperous and safe year 2021!