Our RFID implementation service experts are available to help you with any RFID related tasks you have.

Our RFID implementation services

RFID Antenna & Tag testing

Our test lab has an anti-echo chamber and best-in class test equipment, which provides us with reliable data on tag and antenna performance.

Testing first in a test lab, then moving for a live test gives you the best results. Our Experts will conduct extensive tests on the technology chosen and give you a detailed report.

Project management

During all of your RFID journey, a capable and experienced Project Manager will manage, document, define and drive your RFID project.


Once a project moves to a production phase, it will be time to train your team. Our team will give you all the tools to pass your RFID knowledge to the rest of your company.

On-site work

Especially at the beginning of your RFID journey, you may need on-site support. Our team will help train your maintenance people and guide you through the installation phase.

As an addition to the above, we also help with defining your project and assessing as well as setting your project RFID goals. Read more from our Consultancy page.

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