RFID Applications

RFID systems revolutionise the way businesses track goods and manage their inventory. Our comprehensive RFID platform serves the need for traceability troughout your entire supply chain ensuring material availability, inventory visibility and delivery accuracy.

Comprehensive RFID Application toolkit to serve a digital Supply Chain

Almost any object can be equipped with a UHF RFID tag and thus it is identifiable reliably, and from a distance. Once RFID tagged, the object leaves a digital trace that business processes use for supply chain automation such as automatic registering of inbound or outbound goods, monitoring work progress or material consumption.

The Turck Vilant Systems RFID applications are designed following the industry standards ratified by GS1, and has ready-to-use components for all typical RFID use cases.


RFID for forklifts, gates, conveyor belts and more

The Turck Vilant Server applications collect, consolidate, control and mine data from different RFID read points as well as control and monitor the health of individual readers and read points.

Furthermore the collected data can easily be actioned upon, either directly on the read point level (for example alerting of mistakes such as delivery errors) or later based on reports on the server (for example generating an order for raw materials when system shows low inventory levels).

Our RFID Platform consists of

RFID Server

Turck Vilant server applications (cloud or local) for Data Mining and System Health and Maintenance including an integration layer with support to most common ERP and WMS systems


RFID Server

In-house developed RFID middleware for different read points with 30+ ready applications supporting intralogistics processes in varied industries including warehousing, automotive, chemical, pulp & paper and transport.

RFID Applications and System Design from Turck Vilant Systems



Key features

  • Integration to most common ERP, WMS and MES systems
  • RFID middleware to be used on gates, forklifts, conveyor belts, mobile devices and commanding printers and applicators
  • Support of most common industrial use cases such as inventory management, goods receipt tracking, material commissioning, picking and shipping

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Smart Cabinet empowered by RFID

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Mobile RFID

Discover what is in stock, execute quality checks and locate items with a mobile device that serves users exactly where they work.

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RFID printing

The key to working RFID systems is the tags, often encoded and generated with industrial printers.

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