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We believe that our inspired and motivated people are the ones who make Turck Vilant Systems successful. Join our fun-loving yet hard working team today.

Excited about an international career?

Inspired by technology?

Passion for efficiency?

Believe in hard work and hard play?

If you said yes to one or all above, you are likely to love it at Turck Vilant Systems.

We believe that our inspired and motivated people are the ones who make Turck Vilant Systems successful. We offer an informal and dynamic working environment with opportunities for career growth and development. As part of an international team of professionals you will help our global customers to improve the efficiency and automate their logistics processes. Every customer and project is different. This requires continuous learning and an ability to work in a team with keeping your colleagues as well as the customer always in the loop of what you are doing.

The RFID and IoT market is growing and the technology is ever evolving and developing for new uses. We at Turck Vilant Systems are often the first ones to implement these new advancements, the pioneers. Even if others cannot accomplish something, we believe we can. This inspires us, we hope it inspires you too.

We are HONEST, EXPERIENCED, SPECIALISED and DATA DRIVEN. And we would love to see you among us.

Open positions

Sales Engineer

Oletko utelias ja sytyt kohdatessasi ihmisiä? Ehkä olet urasi alkuvaiheessa oleva ratkaisumyyjä, joka pyrkii ymmärtämään miten asiakkaan varastoissa ja tuotannossa toimitaan. Jos vielä innostut ideoidessasi tapoja tehostaa toimintaa yhteistyössä asiakkaan kanssa, tervetuloa myyjäksi meille!

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Software Test Engineer

Your day-to-day work consists of building customer-specific testing environments, documenting your work for the rest of the team, and performing the tests yourself.

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Technical Lead

Osana Turckin monikansallista tuotekehitystiimiä sinä hallinnoit, speksaat ja suunnittelet elektroniikkajärjestelmiä RF-tuotesarjoihimme.

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