Ensuring a smooth RFID Solution implementation

A smooth RFID Solution process starts from defining your processes and helps you with correct tag and selection – our RFID experts are there for you.

RFID Plan & KPI setting

15 years of experience have given Turck Vilant Systems immense knowledge of how RFID can benefit businesses. When planning a supply chain automation project, Turck Vilant Systems knowledge can be used for define KPIs, writing specifications and making the plan for the entire RFID project.

Our experience ensures your success.

Site Survey

The first step to RFID success is a Site Survey conducted by our Specialist, who visits your site for 2-3 hours and documents the visits . The findings and your KPIs are discussed at the end of the Site Survey.

Based on the Site Survey Turck Vilant Systems can deliver a draft quote and a plan for your RFID project.

Technology selection

Our task is to understand how the technology fits your processes and which components to use. Our test lab has an anti-echo chamber and best-in class test equipment, which provides us with reliable data on tag and antenna performance.

Testing first in a test lab, then moving for a live test gives you the best results. Our Experts will conduct extensive tests on the technology chosen and give you a detailed report.

Elements of a successful RFID Solution project with Turck Vilant Systems

Our project model minimizes your risk as you can call off the project at any milestone. You only pay for the measurable results. We will also tell you, if taking the next step will not be worth the effort. Our service plan has been refined in over 1000 customer implementations. Modular hardware and software allow us to present you quick results. We start compact and scale up as we go.

Site Survey

Site Survey at your site allows our team to assess RFID suitability for your conditions. You can order a free Site Survey / RFID Assessment by filling in the form below.


A proof of concept at your premises helps to plan the project and its KPIs.


In order to optimise your business processes and the data accuracy of each RFID read point, we recommend running a pilot for a few months.


After a successful pilot you can head to full speed with RFID implementation. We will be there all along the way to define the integration to all necessary business applications, the functionality of RFID read points and the training needs of your staff.


Once you are up- and running, we offer a possibility to sign up for a 24/7 support agreement, which ensures that when ever your RFID System needs some servicing, we are there. As a standard all of our customers are in our 8/5 support program.


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