RFID feasibility tests in our showroom

Our Showroom is built for performing RFID feasibility tests that ensure your RFID system, selected tags, readers and software work seamlessly together.

Ensure the maximum potential for RFID –  Our RFID tests guarantee a well-functioning system

RFID technology offers a promising avenue to enhance efficiency, streamline processes and optimise work in a wide variety of businesses. An organisation should not consider the adoption of RFID as a process of changing from one identifier (typically barcodes) to another (RFID) but rather as an opportunity to evaluate, redesign and streamline its operations.

Visit our showroom to test your RFID case or participate in our Training

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RFID feasibility tests and services of our showroom

As an industry expert and long-term integrator, Turck Vilant Systems has years of experience in RFID. Some years ago, we established that a recurring need in our projects was the ability to test customer products at our facility. The move to new premises after the pandemic allowed us to finally build a showroom that we now use for testing our applications, performing tests, doing feasibility studies, and giving training to our staff and customers.





RFID feasibility testing offering by Turck Vilant Systems

  • RFID Tag Performance: Our services include testing different RFID tag inlays and their performance using a world-class tester unit by Voyantic, a pioneer RFID quality tester provider, testing RFID tags applied to customer products or delivery units, and ensuring the selected tag performance is first-rate.
  • Optimal use case settings for RFID: Before rolling out an RFID read point, our team may set up each use case at the show room to assess the best settings for a given use case. Generating the settings in our testing facility allows us to mass distribute the settings to customer systems with multiple read points, potentially at several locations.
  • RFID Trainings: As the showroom includes all our main RFID reader systems with the middleware installed, we can easily build different RFID user training and carry out tailored workshops for teams and organizations endeavoring to understand how organizations can adapt RFID and RTLS systems in the industrial space. 
  • Read Point Performance: Customers who have used RFID for several years sometimes need our help assessing how a read point works. One exciting possibility is to use our Forklift RFID calibration tool, which we can showcase in the showroom. Our Client application compares the forklift RFID performance with an optimal situation and presents the customer with actionable suggestions to boost read point performance.
  • Use Case Functionality: Despite our over 20 years of experience, the Turck Vilant Systems RFID experts still encounter new use cases and product types. A well-functioning system is our priority; thus, we always offer to test new scenarios in the showroom conditions before going to the customer site.

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