Remote test RFID

Book a meeting to test if your organization qualifies for remote Proof-of-Concept testing

In times of travel and meeting restrictions our remote Proof-of-Concept Service offers a low threshold method for ensuring the technical feasibility of RFID in your organization.

The Remote PoC is especially suitable for organizations where RFID has already been on the radar or some parts of the organization have already implemented RFID. We recommend remote PoC service for organizations
  • who have identified a need for RFID, but have not yet been able to test its suitability to their operating environment
  • who have identified the need for RFID, but are not certain on how to implement the RFID tags on their products and/or materials
  • who have tested RFID in the past (2-5 years ago), but did not finalize the implementation
  • are planning or are required to roll-out RFID, but have been unable to allow RFID vendors for site visits and hence projects are pending
What is included in the remote RFID test service?
  • Test plan conducted by Turck Vilant Systems RFID Expert
  • Description of RFID test cases and how they will be measured
  • Readily configured RFID equipment including all necessary accessories and RFID Tags
  • Free access to Turck Vilant RFID test software
  • Constant online connection to Turck Vilant Remote RFID Engineer and their guidance during the entire test day(s)
  • Comprehensive test report and recommendations for RFID System Specification conducted by Turck Vilant RFID Expert

RFID tests conducted remotely

How to get started with remote RFID Test?

Please fill in the form below and select “RFID project Consultancy” to book a free consultancy with one of our RFID Experts, who will help you determine if your organization qualifies for remote proof-of-concept.

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