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Our turnkey RFID solutions are used by hundreds of companies all around the world. There are however few projects that we have decided to skip.

The reason is simple.

If we don’t see real customer benefits during our Site Survey process, we have the guts to say it. It’s called honesty and we are well known for it.


Actions speak up louder than words.

There was a time when RFID was something totally new. Then came the time when it was developed into a turnkey RFID solution and used to optimise manufacturing processes around the world.

We know this better than anyone.

Because we have been leading the RFID way since day one.


If it can be done, we are the ones to do it.

Optimising a manufacturing or logistics process with RFID is not a walk in the park. But if it can be done, we are the ones to do it.

Just give us a call.

Let’s start with our Site Survey and you will hear how much more efficient your material flow could get with our turnkey solution.


More data, less waste.

Reducing manual labour enhances process. It leads to larger amount of accurate data and increased efficiency. This means cost savings and more profit.

Sounds simple doesn’t it.

And after leading the RFID business for over 15 years it actually is.



Founded in 2002
Employees 51
Over 15 years of experience in RFID
Offices: Finland, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland
1 000 sites in production in 35 countries
2 500 000 daily RFID tracking events
Over 13 000 000 assets tracked with RFID
Several Fortune 500 customers – combined turnover > € 300 billion
6 -12 months typical payback time of the RFID investment

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