RFID tracks assets, materials and inventory

RFID for Production Logistics

As product lifecycles become shorter and the amount of SKUs grows, supply chains must evolve to be more efficient. To remain profitable, companies will need to rethink their supply chains and streamline processes to gain better visibility and ensure product and material availability at all times.

According to our experience, many producing companies still rely on manual inventory tracking, which is prone to error. RFID helps create visibility to the entire supply chain from material handling, during production and warehousing, and finally ensuring shipments are fully packed and shipped to correct recipients. In addition, the automation offered by the technology saves person-years in labor and significant drops in costs related to claims. For example, when using RFID, only 0,1% of work time is spent on asset search compared to non-RFID users, who may spend as much as 38% of work time on asset search.

RFID acts as a bridge between the physical and company IT worlds

Company business systems, such as ERP (enterprise management systems) or WMS (warehouse management systems), keep track of material consumption, availability, and product data and help in production and delivery planning. These systems rely on the user to input accurate and up-to-date information on materials, shipments, and inventory. However, at busy times users may overlook or neglect work they consider frustrating, time-consuming, or extra. Furthermore, manual inputs are always prone to error. When RFID is adopted to track materials or inventory in production and warehouses, companies can free their staff from the mundane tasks of filling in data for business applications. The system updates real-time information on material and inventory avaialbility and material movements automatically to the ERP and WMS systems. This bridges the gap between the physical and IT worlds.


Turck Vilant Systems RFID Solution tracks assets, materials and inventory in several industries

RFID technology has taken great leaps in the past 20 years. From early adoption by forerunners, we have moved to a world where RFID-based tracking systems are the heart and soul of production tracking and ensure essential component availability for lean production. We at Turck Vilant Systems have walked the path with our customers and helped them to introduce different generations of RFID solutions, from HF-based bin tracking to current UHF systems that identify, at best, hundreds of items in seconds.


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