RFID and video – a perfect match

SiB Solutions and Turck Vilant Systems offer a top-notch logistics technology combination for logistics-intensive companies

We are excited to announce that SiB Solutions and Turck Vilant Systems have entered a partnership to bring even more value to logistics-intensive companies.

By combining Turck Vilant Systems’ turnkey track & trace solutions with proven Intelligent Video and AI Services from SiB Solutions, customers benefit from having access to searchable video of their automatized tracking, inventory management and shipment verification.

“Searchable video offers superior visual insights into the goods flow. It’s a game changer for logistics operations and customer service, especially in validation of claims and root cause analysis. By combining RFID and our services, customers avoid manual registration of goods and pallets, and they can easily search to see what actually happened to an order. Using RFID is a fast track to avoid mistakes related to manual registration of assets. Still, questions often arise further ahead in the supply chain. Use searchable video to put a stop to the supply chain blame game.” Says Fredrik Ek, Channel Manager at SiB Solutions.

Turck Vilant Systems RFID Expert Alexander Dellborg

“We often say RFID bridges the gap between company business systems and the real world. IT systems must rely on user input data, but what if they forget? Our customer, Nowaste Logistics, uses RFID to automate the loading of shipments; this ensures that nothing is left behind from the shipment. Furthermore, the RFID data helps the customer search for videos related to the delivery in case of any disputes. In fact, they are so satisfied with the combination of the two technologies and the outcome of a drop in claims that they even invited us in and showed the entire system to other customers in the spring. We at Turck Vilant Systems feel that RFID, in combination with video, is the correct step for the future”, says Alexander Dellborg, Sales Director, Northern Europe and Americas.

We are currently starting our collaboration in Sweden, and we hope you found us exhibiting side by side during the trade show Logistik & Transport in Gothenburg. Together, Turck Vilant Systems and SiB Solutions have a global reach.




Turck Vilant Systems - RFID

About Turck Vilant Systems
Turck Vilant Systems delivers turnkey track & trace solutions for manufacturing, logistics and healthcare customers worldwide. Our in-house developed track & trace platform comprises an intelligent RFID system. In addition, it expands to utilize active tracking elements, such as BLE, GPS, or other IoT equipment when needed.

Our platform includes RFID middleware for different read points and an RFID server on-premises or in the cloud for data mining, system maintenance and integration with enterprise IT systems such as ERP and WMS. We equip work floors, stock rooms, dock doors, forklifts, mobile devices, and conveyor belts with RFID to track documents, assets, materials, finished products, boxes, roller cages, or pallets. www.turckvilant.com

Contact Turck Vilant Systems: https://turckvilant.com/contact-rfid-experts/

About SiB Solutions
SiB Solutions provides Intelligent Video and AI Services that give logistics-intensive companies superior visibility and insights into what happens during goods handling, including protection from fraud related to inbound logistics and returns. The result is flawless logistics, leading to improved efficiency, greater customer satisfaction, superior financial performance, and more sustainable goods flows.

The company originates from Lund, Sweden with a presence in the Nordics, Benelux, UK and the USA. The company has a global reach through an extensive network of qualified partners. SiB stands for Seeing is Believing – because visual evidence is irrefutable proof about what happens in goods handling. www.sibsolutions.com

Contact SiB Solutions: https://www.sibsolutions.com/contact/