Pump up the volume

Material tagging helps with factory automation and plays a part in increasing the factory throughput with 60%

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Nowaste Logistics

RFID ensures fresh and timely deliveries

Third-party logistics' provider knows how to work fast. RFID speeds up the process even more.
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RFID enabled Self-Service Store

Unmanned RFID Stores offer a self-service concept that is open 24/7 for customers, yet requires no local staff.
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Leading Fertilizer Company

Big Bag on track with RFID

The RFID implementation has provided the customer with a 100% legal compliance of the regulations as well as full control over end-to-end production and delivery process of each asset at any given time, from factory to farm.
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Fully automatic delivery from DC to stores

RFID enables automatic delivery of goods serving 53 Dock Doors at Jysk.
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Keep wheels rolling

Over 150.000 rental cars followed with RFID per year
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Fresh, fast, always available

Exceptional direction detection based on innovative algorithms running on the RFID readers, and no-touch loading verification of  6000 pallets per day.  
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Critical shipment tracking

Material transparency called for Sandvik to introduce an automated inbound processes with RFID
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Tracing Paper Roll ensures SCA can Check – Write – Transfer – Convert & Reuse

40.000 paper rolls, 5 processes altogether 200.000 automatic RFID transactions
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Helsinki Metro

RFID for location tracking provides real-time train arrival data at Helsinki Metro

125 million passengers enter a well managed metro fleet in Helsinki.
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WEPA Hygieneprodukte GmbH

RFID automates paper roll logistics at WEPA

Automated identification of mother reels with RFID pushes intralogistics in tissue industry to a new level.
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Parcels where they belong

Specialized wholesale secures the delivery accuracy of 5.5 million parcels on a yearly basis
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Nokian Tyres

Rolling on

RFID ensures Production Traceability and Error Prevention
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Finnish Transport Agency
and VR Group

Running at 250km/h

RFID based rail wagon tracking
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Sonoco Alcore

Core tags make sure that products are always in stock – never in stop

RFID solves availability issues at paper mills by introducing cost efficient and reliable Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system
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