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"Nowaste Logistics says that the number one benefit from RFID is that they no longer need to register pallets manually into the company's IT system. Instead, RFID gates automatically register which individual pallets are returned to the pool, which ones are shipped, and to whom."



in cost of claims

Full visibility

on picked and shipped pallets

Automatic registration

of pallets to IT system
Time a key factor

Time and accuracy are essential when it comes to fresh food logistics. Correct storage temperatures, minimum physical contact with the product, and on-time deliveries ensure maximum shelf time. But, on the other hand, any delays or errors in picking may cause vegetables and fruit to perish faster. A specialist in third-party logistics, Nowaste Logistics, knows all this. They handle most of the fruit and vegetables consumed in the country in their vast logistics center in Helsingborg, located in southern Sweden.

Technology at heart

Technology drives activities at Nowaste Logistics. And even though no technology or process is bulletproof adopting intelligent workflows and supporting them with automation helps deliver the best outcome. Thus, the company already uses solutions that ensure quick and efficient warehouse workflow, such as AGVs, robotized picking, and an automatic, high warehouse.

It was no surprise that the company should embark on a new technology project when a significant customer moved from using wooden pallets to using new, RFID-tagged plastic pallets (in this case, plastic pallets provided by Svenska Retursystem) in their daily fresh food operations. The new pallets are more robust than wooden pallets and can, for example, be washed if needed. But the number one benefit is that they need no manual entry into the company’s IT system. Instead, RFID gates automatically register which individual pallets are received back to the pool, which ones are shipped, and to whom.

Track & trace system to save up time

The track and trace system at Nowaste Logistics extends the company’s visibility from the business systems to the warehouse floor, as the system automatically collects masses of operational data. For example, the production and picking areas have RFID conveyor systems that match the pallet information with picking data, ensuring Nowaste Logistics always has up-to-date data on when they have fulfilled which order. Additionally, when moving the pallets internally in the warehouse, forklifts equipped with RFID register the pallets they have on their forks. The system presents the operators with information and instructions on the forklift screen, for example, where they should park the pallet they are currently carrying. The automation saves time, and as it integrates into an intelligent camera system, it can also save cost on claims.

The solution

The track and trace system in place in a nutshell:

RFID reader systems
  • One inbound RFID gate (automatically registers all plastic pallets going into the warehouse)
  • 5 RFID conveyor readers (automatically match pallet ID to picking data/SSCC)
  • 65 forklifts equipped with RFID system (which automatically present pallet/order data and work instructions on the forklift screen)
  • 27 outbound RFID gates (automatically register all outbound pallets)
  • One handheld device (used for manual movements and quality control if needed)
  • Turck Vilant Visibility Manager (receiving all the events and integrating into the Nowaste Effect WMS system)
  • Turck Vilant Device Manager (monitors and controls all RFID hardware)
  • Turck Vilant Engine (software running on the RFID conveyor systems, RFID gates, and RFID forklifts)
  • Turck Vilant Client (software running on the RFID handheld device)
Proof of delivery on every pallet

Turck Vilant RFID toolkit supports several different RFID use cases and usage environments. In addition, the toolkit acts as a base package when the company builds a bespoke RFID system. For example, at Nowaste Logistics, RFID gates track the pallet receiving and shipping processes and alert for mistakes or abnormalities. Alerts may trigger an operator to move a pallet on the side for later inspection. Users have a mobile device with a Turck Vilant Client application for this exception process. In addition, the Turck Vilant RFID platform integrates seamlessly with Nowaste Logistics’ IT application, the Nowaste Effect.

The RFID system catches mistakes before they happen and provides Nowaste Logistics with proof of delivery on each pallet. Should the customer dispute a delivery, the video system can come into place and envisage what happened.

Nowaste Logistics is one of the leading logistics companies in the Nordics, being in the absolute forefront in technical development and IT. From almost 300.000sqm of warehouse surfaces, goods are received and shipped globally by our 700 passionate professionals. We believe that the people in the company are the company. Therefore, everyone of them, are employed and educated by us – which means that we can stand by our promises in service and quality.

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