Why should you use RFID for RTI and Pallet Tracking

RFID enabled pallet tracking solutions ensure full transparency, faster pool turnaround times and cost-friendly pool management

A short introduction to RTI and Pallet Tracking powered by RFID

Different actors within the loop often share a pool of RTIs (returnable transport items). However, the RTI pools can be relatively ineffective if the pool handler has little visibility of RTI whereabouts. High capital costs are typical for shared pools as RTI users neglect to return them, or RTIs get lost or broken. Our RFID system creates complete visibility of RTI whereabouts. We record items left for a customer, RTIs at the customer site, and how many items are still going through the maintenance process. All these lead to higher transparency of the entire pool and loss prevention. Furthermore, the pool owner gains significant cost benefits primarily from the avoidance of unnecessary pool renewals, higher pool turnaround times, and, therefore, higher pool usage.

Turck Vilant Systems has 20 years of experience delivering asset (e.g., pallet, crate, roller cage, bin) tracking solutions to asset owners. Our solution serves asset owners from the point they need to start marking their pallets, containers, or crates with RFID to visualizing asset location on a map.

Turck Vilant Systems RFID Solution for RTI pool owners and pool handlers


          • Gives a unique identity to assets in the pool (crates, pallets, roller cages, bins, containers)
          • Keeps record of asset whereabouts
          • Ensures a timely delivery of RTIs to customer
          • Visualizes asset location on a map
          • Logs all RFID events and documents the history of each individual asset
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Available RTIs in the pool

New RTIs / assets are generated to the pool and marked as available in the system

Shipping to customer

As RTIs are loaded for transport, their status is changed to shipped and their destination is recorded

Return from customer

The RFID system automatically registers returning RTIs

Wash & Maintenance

Returned RTIs undergo an inspection and when needed, maintenance or wash processes are intiated

Return to pool

After wash & maintenance RTIs status is changed as available in the pool

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