Why should you use RFID for RTI and Pallet Tracking

RFID enabled pallet tracking solutions ensure full transparency, faster pool turnaround times and cost-friendly pool management

A short introduction to RTI and Pallet Tracking powered by RFID

A pool of RTIs is often shared by different actors within the loop. However, the RTI pools can be quite ineffective if the pool handler has little visibility to RTI whereabouts. High capital costs are typical for shared pools as RTIs are not returned or they get lost or broken. Our RFID system creates full visibility for pool owners on who RTIs were shipped to, how many there are in the stock and which RTIs have been returned. It also shows how many items are still going through the maintenance process. All this leads leads to higher transparency of the entire pool and loss prevention. Furthermore the pool owner gains major cost benefits arising primarily from the avoidance of unnecessary pool renewals, as well as higher pool turnaround times and therefore higher pool usage.

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Available RTIs in the stock


Shipping to customer


Return from customer


Wash & maintenance


Return to pool

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