RFID enabled Self-Service Store

Unmanned RFID Stores offer a self-service concept that is open 24/7 for customers, yet requires no local staff.

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"RFID technology made it possible for us to introduce a simple user interface for international customers and enabled the implementation at sites where several clients use the same self-service store. "

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The challenge

ProMart was looking for an easy way to bring their stores close to customer – yet didn’t require more staff.

The Turck Vilant Systems Solution

RFID as a technology lends itself well for automated stock management. When combined with entrance control management, the RFID enabled Self-Service Store concept is ready. ProMart chose implement some customization to the ready Turck Vilant Systems standard package for Unmanned RFID stores, which presented the perfect solution for their EasyMart stores.

Turck Vilant standard Unmanned RFID Store standard package consists of

  • Turck Vilant Visibility Manager, a server application for the management of product and SKU related data, user management and reporting
  • Turck Vilant in-store RFID package consisting of local RFID application and needed devices and equipment
  • Support for the generation of user ID Cards and RFID tagging

The package is based on Turck Vilant Systems expertise in delivering Unmanned RFID Stores for wholesalers for over a decade now.


Promart is specialized in the wholesale of materials, chemicals, work safety wear and tools for companies in manufacturing and construction businesses. The company offers high quality professional equipment close to customer.

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