RFID enables Unmanned Stores

Your stock at customers’ doorstep 24/7 without labour costs.

A short introduction to Unmanned Stores with RFID

The Turck Vilant Systems Unmanned RFID Store Solution helps create vendor-managed stock rooms and stores open 24/7 with no personnel needed on site extending your reach to the front door of your customer with instant product availability. The solution is easily adaptable for different surroundings and buildable in stock rooms, warehouses, and sea containers. Alongside traditional stores, mobile apps, and webshops, the RFID-enabled self-service stores can play a crucial role in creating a multi-channel wholesale experience. And as the name states, these stores and stockrooms require no constant personnel on-site.

Almost any space lends itself to becoming an Unmanned RFID Store. Following our design guide and design principles, customers are sure to succeed. The assortment of each Unmanned RFID Store is fully customizable, allowing an assortment design together with the Store’s users to ensure fast inventory turnaround and high customer satisfaction.

Each Unmanned RFID Store has two main areas. First, your products are on display and available for shoppers in the shopping area. Second, once the shopper is satisfied that they have picked all the items they need, they will enter the read area. The read area is essential to register purchases and to keep track of filling new inventory.




The Turck Vilant Systems Unmanned RFID Store solution

          • manages users and their access to individual stores or stockrooms
          • registers all purchases or loaned items
          • monitors inventory
          • initiates alerts on low inventory levels and replenishments needs
          • generates data for invoicing
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Unique products to store

Label all products destined to a given store with RFID before shipping them to the Store or at the Store.

Entrance Control

Users use an ID card to access the role. The Turck Vilant RFID Platform helps manage user access rights and user roles.

Buying and Stocking

Users collect needed items in the shopping area.

Registering purchases and replenishing the store

The Turck Vilant Client allows only one user to enter the read area. The RFID System registers each item automatically and marks them as purchased or shelved based on the user's role.

Reporting and alerts

Data from purchases and shelving process are sent to Turck Vilant RFID Server, which generates store fill lists and reports, such as invoice data.

Re-stock Store

The Turck Vilant RFID Server holds information on stock availability and stock turnaround of each store. These data help create fill lists and initiate the store replenishment process.


RFID enabled Self-Service Store

Unmanned RFID Stores offer a self-service concept that is open 24/7 for customers, yet requires no local staff.
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