RFID System Audit

Verify your organization RFID aptness and ensure that the system delivers its full potential with extensive testing by our RFID expert

RFID System Audit Optimizes Performance

Let our experts help you uncover potential bottlenecks and enhance the overall performance of your RFID system. Our audits meticulously analyze the current system’s efficiency, identifying areas for improvement to ensure optimal functionality and speed. Our System Audit service is performed by an experienced RFID professional, who visits your site(s) to test the current RFID installation, your use cases and the functionality of readers, tags and antennas.


What is included in the service?
  • On-site visit by our RFID Expert
  • Preparation of test cases based on your custom application
  • Testing RFID read points to ensure they are optimized for the actual usage environment
  • Ensuring the stable operation of all use cases with a software test
  • Inspecting the quality of all installed hardware, such as cables, antennas, panel PCs, readers, printers and other accessories
  • An extensive report of the current state of your RFID System and potential recommendations for system updates or improvements
On-demand services (special pricing applied)
  • Software updates or replacing outdated hardware
  • New feature workshops
  • Server security updates


The System Audit typically takes 2-3 working days and is charged based on our standard support price list.

Turck Vilant Systems RFID Expert performs a system audit