Turck Vilant RFID Server

Turck Vilant RFID Server

Turck Vilant RFID Server is at the heart of our RFID Platform and it has two main functions: RFID Data Management and System Health and Maintenance. Customers can choose between a local installation and a cloud-based solution. The RFID Data Management solution is called Turck Vilant Visibility Manager. Its primary functions include data consolidation from our Turck Vilant data collection applications, integrations to customer business systems and reporting. The System Health and Maintenance solution is called Turck Vilant Device Manager. Both server applications have a web-based user interface and they each provides flexible user management.


Turck Vilant Visibility Manager

Turck Vilant Visibility Manager is designed for Data Consolidation, Data Mining and includes an integration layer with support to most common ERP and WMS systems. Different RFID use cases are served by different RFID touch points such as printers, gates, forklifts, conveyor belts and handhelds. The data collected from individual RFID touch points with Turck Vilant data collection software is centered in the Turck Vilant Visibility Manager, which in turn mines these data to generate reports and data for customer systems.

Turck Vilant Visibility Manager features

  • Data and reports on material, product and asset location
  • Data and reports on materials, products and assets
  • Map view to report current material, product and asset location and distribution


Turck Vilant Visibility Manager RFID Server


Turck Vilant Device Manager

RFID System Health

Turck Vilant Device Manager is designed to manage the complete RFID System. It serves both a system health and system maintenance functions. The RFID devices serving different RFID touch points are all connected to the Turck Vilant Device Manager. Each customer location and each individual device on that location can be monitored and accessed remotely from the Device Manager. This means that printers, gates, forklifts, conveyor belts or handhelds can be seen and their software updated when necessary.

Turck Vilant Device Manager features

  • Data and reports on RFID devices in the network
  • System health alerts
  • Remote access to RFID devices

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