RFID printing

The key to working RFID systems is the tags, often encoded and generated with industrial printers.

RFID printing unleashes the power of tracking

RFID is critical in enhancing the visibility of different materials, parts, assets and products. The RFID tags at the heart of tracking solutions often rotate with the asset but are typically of a single-use when applied on the item or packaging level. Reliable RFID printing solutions are needed to produce single-use RFID labels.

Turck Vilant RFID printing

As an industry expert and long-term integrator, Turck Vilant Systems has years of experience in RFID printing and tagging solutions. Before starting any project, we help customers define the tag most suitable for their trackable object and plan the tag application process. Our RFID printing application ensures each tag is encoded and printed flawlessly when producing single-use RFID tags or labels. Furthermore, our seamless integration into your Business Applications, such as ERP or WMS systems, secures up-to-date inventory data on both systems. Experience the confidence of error-free RFID technology seamlessly integrating with your existing systems.

Turck Vilant Systems application prints an RFID tag, which can be applied on the trackable object

Key Features

  • RFID label design: Transforming your current label to fully functional RFID label with the best suited RFID inlay from our partner’s portfolio. Ensuring the label designed does not variate too much from your current label.
  • Product data management: Integration with your backend system ensures your product data is usable on the ready RFID labels
  • High-quality printing: Our portfolio includes printers from several trusted partners, who are specialized in RFID printing. Together we will select the best printer for your needs dependent on your printing frequency, tag type and process.

Tailored to Your Needs

No two businesses are the same, neither are their requirements for RFID. Our 5-step project model from RFID Site Survey to a Roll-out ensures you succeed.

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