RFID helps to automate inventory management for production estates, warehouses and storage. RFID gates are used to register the arrival of materials or shipping of products. A smart RFID system feeds company business applications such as ERP (enterprise resource planning), WMS (warehouse management system) and MES (manufacturing execution system) with data on material, product and asset availability.

Turck Vilant RFID Gate Solution

The Turck Vilant RFID Gate Solution consists of the Turck Vilant Gate Client or Turck Vilant Engine and suitable Turck Vilant RFID Reader cabinet, antennas, accessories all delivered together to best fit customer purposes.

The Turck Vilant Gate Client and Turck Vilant Engine

Our designated application for gates at dock doors runs either on an industrial Panel PC (Client) or on the RFID Reader. Both applications are designed to register and filter items in in- and outbound shipments, and to ensure shipment correctness and to keep stock levels up-to-date. The correct application setup for a customer dock door or entryway is determined by the customer application needs and the same system can easily have different types of RFID Gates. Data collected by the Turck Vilant Client and Engine applications is forwarded to Turck Vilant Server for further processing or if so wished by the customer, directly to customer business application such as (Warehouse Management System) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

Turck Vilant RFID Gate

The Gate Solution in Action

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