Material Tracking

A short introduction to material tracking with RFID

Material management is a crucial part of any manufacturing operation. Most have hundreds or even thousands of suppliers for a variety of raw materials and components and an efficient production schedule requires good planning and on-time visibility for deliveries and material stock. An investment in RFID offers manufacturing companies a fast material receiving process, data-based ordering, and an ability to respond fast to changes in demand. Furthermore, the data collected from various RFID read points can be used for quality assurance as well as later for after sales or product withdrawal matters.

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Material is received from suppliers through RFID gates that automatically receive the goods to backend system


Material is moved to inbound warehouse through RFID gates or with forklifts equipped with RFID readers. Stock transfer to new location is automatically updated to WMS. With forklift RFID system, location can be automatically updated to exact shelf position


Material is moved to production machine where it is scanned automatically by fixed RFID readers or RFID forklifts to a certain machine. RFID reader can verify from backend system that used material is correct and alert operator in case of false material.


RFID system can provide full traceability of material through full production. Material is marked automatically as consumed.

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