Smart Cabinet empowered by RFID

RFID-enabled lockers supporting the sharing of tools, protective equipment or stock

Let smart cabinets with RFID elevate your asset management standard

We at Turck Vilant Systems want to boost our customer’s business. IoT technologies open up opportunities for automated data collection, higher item visibility, efficiency uplifts and digitization. Our innovations strive to offer better visibility of assets, inventory and material status, availability, and location. 

A Smart Cabinet with RFID keeps track of its content, its users and enforces automatic replenishment. As each Smart Cabinet delivered by Turck Vilant Systems is connected to our server solution, a single log in will give you the status of your assets, worldwide.

Keeping your personnel protected and your stock at customer’s doorstep


The Turck Vilant Systems Smart Cabinet keeps track of items within and people who withdraw them. Thus, it lends itself well to creating independently run kiosks at customer sites, and self-service automates to pick up personal protection equipment (PPE).

Our Smart Cabinet users stock various items within the cabinet. You can individually design the product or asset selection for each cabinet. Furthermore, users can be assigned roles where access to individual lockers is allowed or restricted.

The Turck Vilant Server application handles administrative tasks such as user rights, user management, product and asset data management and remote maintenance. Furthermore, the server application hosts the complete inventory across your fleet of Smart Cabinets, replenishment orders and invoicing reports.

RFID monitors items in Smart Cabinets - solution by Turck Vilant Systems

Key Features

  • 100% transparency to stock: as each item in the cabinet has an RFID tag, the content of the cabinet can be remotely inventoried at all times
  • Automatic replenishment lists: on our server side you can retrieve reports of the content of individual smart cabinets and compare those against the planned contents and initiate a replenishment process
  • 27/7 availability: the smart cabinet is based on self-service and can be accessed by users at any time of the day

This is How Turck Vilant Systems Smart RFID Cabinets work


Turck Vilant Systems Smart RFID based cabinet

  1. Asset Creation: Each product or asset is assigned an RFID tag. Once items are tagged they can be delivered to individual cabinets.
  2. Signing in users:The RFID system keeps track of staff or customers looking to use the Smart Cabinet.
  3. Pick or put items to lockers: Based on the users’ access rights they may pick up items from the lockers or leave them there. The RFID system keeps track of the inventory of each individual locker at all times. Register purchases or replenishment: As the users close the doors of the Smart Cabinet, an automatic inventory of the content will be made. Any items picked up by the user will be registered as sold or loaned (dependent on business case).
  4. Replenish / Return: Based on the updated inventory of the Smart Cabinet a fill list will be generated. With this list your personnel can re-stock new items for sale, or when using a loan function, the user can return their used equipment back to the Cabinet. The server will keep track of this transaction.
  5. Invoice: For users running Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services, a list for invoicing will automatically be generated based on the items the user had picked up.

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