Mobile RFID

Discover what is in stock, execute quality checks and locate items with a mobile device that serves users exactly where they work.

Mobile RFID applications empower the user at their workstation

As pioneers in the field of RFID, we have learned that many customers need to extend the use of the technology to where operators perform their work. Mobile applications offer instant access to product data, help to perform quality checks and count and manage assets on the go.

Mobile RFID - read between the isles

Taking RFID capabilities everywhere

Our portfolio encompasses mobile RFID equipment for different environments and use cases ranging from quality control to heavy-duty inventory. As our team helps you design your RFID project, they will also recommend a Turck Vilant-qualified mobile device to complement your RFID solution, ensuring that your staff have access to needed data and applications, no matter where they work: the shop floor, the outside yard or the warehouse.

Turck Vilant Mobile RFID Client

Our mobile RFID solutions provide instant access to crucial data, enabling prompt actions and faster operations. The Turck Vilant Client runs on selected Windows and Android tablets, phones and handheld readers in our portfolio. A wide array of supported applications range from inventory management such as stock and cycle counts, search and inbound/outbound operation tracking to quality control and warehouse tracking. 

User credentials define the applications the user sees and the locations, whose data they can access. Typically users will see the same applications on mobile devices and forklift tablets. All Turck Vilant standard data collection applications sent their data to our server for processing and forwarding to the customer system.

RFID mobile applications from Turck Vilant Systems

Key Features

  • Working with your data: Integration with your backend system ensure your product data is usable on our server, which in turn send data for further processing to the mobile units.
  • Customizable views: Applications are defined by user credentials and user’s access to data can be restricted to their location
  • RFID read point mix-and-match: A Turck Vilant application on mobile unit brings data to where the users work. As some RFID reading may happen with fixed read points such as readers on conveyor lines, gates or on other types of mobile devices, such as forklifts, our software architecture maintains data at an accurate level and updated between devices.

Tailored to Your Needs

No two businesses are the same, neither are their requirements for RFID. Our 5-step project model from RFID Site Survey to a Roll-out ensures you succeed.

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