Ensured project support despite COVID-19

We are working to ensure continued project support for all RFID elements


Yesterday, March 11th, the Director General of World Health Organization (WHO) announced the COVID-19 outbreak to a pandemic. This is the first since 2009 for an announcement from WHO for a pandemic and hence local authorities have called in special measures, which Turck Vilant Systems follows in all the countries that we are active in although so far we have been fortunate enough not to have been directly affected by the virus as yet.

However, the unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 has caused challenges to some of our partners along their supply chain in production and raw material supply. As a result, we have decided to take some precaution in order to keep our customer projects rolling.

Special reserve stock in use

To ensure a wide availability of RFID equipment and tags, Turck Vilant Systems has reserved a buffer stock of our most common components. With this action we aim avoid any delay to projects scheduled for delivery in the next quarter.

Customers with special tags or bespoke RFID equipment

In some cases we are using special equipment to address a very specific need. Such cases have been listed and our Sales team is doing their best to reach out to customers who have special tags or bespoke RFID equipment in use.
If you as our customer have any concerns about continued support to your project, we advise you to contact your salesperson or to fill in the form below for us to contact you back.

Should I expect delays or cancellations

At this point Turck Vilant Systems predict only minor delays to scheduled projects. However, in this uncertain time, changes are fast and travel restrictions issued by local governments may change the situation. Therefore, we will monitor the situation closely to minimize any negative impact on you and we would contact you in case anything needing special attention.

Your options in case you are planning expansion, changes or updates to current system or an entirely new system

We are here for you and happy to support your projects with no expected delay, so you need not worry. However, many companies have travel restrictions or restrictions in accepting third parties to their facilities. We are available online for you in case you wish us to evaluate your RFID needs.

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