RFID controlled train wash street featured in the news

Did you know that RFID monitors more than 6000 kilometres of railway tracks in Finland?

On Sunday last the largest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, wrote about how trains are washed in a major rail washing station at the Helsinki shunting yard. In practice it is a bit like
driving your car to the car wash, only on a way larger scale.

Trams, rail wagons, buses and other vehicles need constant maintenance. RFID tags applied on all individual wagons enable easy life cycle tracking of maintenance operations. These data can then be used to decide which kind of maintenance operations should be introduced on wagon and car level. In fact all of Finland’s roughly 6000 km long rail network is monitored with RFID read points. Each wagon carries an individual RFID tag, which matches the data from security systems such as Gotcha to the wagon ID and transmits these data to the network proprietor. The same system can also be used for measuring cargo volumes or managing the wagon fleet. Read more

RFID controls train wash streets by identifying individual wagons


What many might have learned for the first time in the article is that RFID is used to select the correct wash program for each individual wagon. The system utilizes the RFID tags already on all VR (Finnish Public Railways) wagons, otherwise used for security and maintenance purposes. As always, RFID is a behind-the-scenes technology, so you won’t actually see it, but watch the film to see how a wash street looks like.

If you haven’t seen a train wash station before, check out this VIDEO

RFID controls train wash

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