RFID enables paper core and paper roll tracking

RFID provides real-time supply-chain visibility for paper rolls and cores

A short introduction to RFID enabled paper roll and core tracking

The manual handling of paper roll and core inventory is time consuming and prone to error. RFID offers a cost effective method to identify individual paper rolls and cores remotely enabling automatized tracking of their movements and usage, which in turn leads to higher production efficiency.

Turck Vilant Systems is a world leader in pulp and paper tracking. Our RFID solutions keep a record of pulp and paper products around the globe on four continents. Specialized knowledge in pulp and paper manufacturing processes has helped us develop perfect products to support the needs of the industry. 



Turck Vilant Systems RFID Solution for paper rolls and cores


          • Gives a unique identity to each paper roll or core
          • Follows cores on winder and during production process
          • Keeps record of all warehouse transfers made with forklifts
          • Ensures delivery accuracy by verifying correct products are loaded
          • Logs all RFID events and documents the history of paper roll and core movements
          • Tracks the consumption of paper during production process
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Core tagging

Individual cores are RFID tagged or when recycled in the factory, their data is updated


Each core is identified as it enters the winder. The RFID data is matched up with the data in the MES.

Production tracking

As cores move on production lines the RFID events are used to track and redirect them


Forklifts equipped with RFID keep track of individual paper rolls and their stock location


RFID reader on the forklift verifies that correct paper rolls have been picked up for shipping

Sonoco Alcore

Core tags make sure that products are always in stock – never in stop

RFID solves availability issues at paper mills by introducing cost efficient and reliable Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system
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Tracing Paper Roll ensures SCA can Check – Write – Transfer – Convert & Reuse

40.000 paper rolls, 5 processes altogether 200.000 automatic RFID transactions
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WEPA Hygieneprodukte GmbH

RFID automates paper roll logistics at WEPA

Automated identification of mother reels with RFID pushes intralogistics in tissue industry to a new level.
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