Webinar: How to choose between Gates and Forklifts


20 May 2021


CET 16:00 / EDT 10:00 AM

Are you considering to implement RFID to your supply chain?

Global Supply Chains are under more pressure than ever in the time of the pandemic. Better visibility on materials, assets and inventory helps to plan and manage operations and RFID offers the power to create visibility throughout the supply chain. If you are currently considering how to implement RFID or how to expand your current installation this webinar is for you.

Join us in this webinar discussing on how you can decide between forklifts equipped with RFID and RFID enabled fixed read points such as gates.

Our RFID Expert Heikki Haavisto will walk you through the benefits of both approaches and then present you a series of customer use case requirements to RFID and explain which kind of RFID point was chosen and why.


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