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RFID consultants at Turck Vilant Systems evaluate your company readiness and help to adapt your processes and select correct software, hardware and tags.

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In today’s dynamic and ever-changing environment, good operational visibility and a streamlined supply chain can be game-changers against the competition. When implemented to support the operational environment, RFID provides

  • up-to-date availability information on inventory, materials and assets
  • data on operational excellency
  • notification and alerts on potential errors on production lines and during loading and stocking

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What to expect from a call with our RFID consultants?

Our RFID Experts have several years of experience in the field of implementing RFID to manufacturing, logistics and healthcare environments. They will help you to evaluate your company readiness for RFID and help you to adapt your processes and select correct software, hardware and tags.


An RFID evaluation call with us typically covers the following

  • An introduction to your business and your ideas for RFID or RTLS usage
  • A short introduction to Turck Vilant Systems
  • A discussion guided by our Expert to your business needs

After the call, you can decide whether to jump on board our Track and Trace project model, which starts with a Site Survey and ends with a successfully rolled-out solution, or whether you feel that perhaps the time is not right yet for you to embark on this journey.

What is the Track and Trace project model?


Our project model minimizes your risk, as you can call off the project at any milestone. You only pay for the measurable results. We will also tell you if taking the next step will not be worth the effort. Our service plan has been refined in over 1,000 customer implementations. Modular hardware and software allow us to present you with quick results. We start compact and scale up as we go.

RFID consultancy model step 1 - Turck Vilant Systems

  • A Site Survey at a customer site allows our expert to assess RFID / RTLS suitability for the organization.
  • Customers with more complex processes or challenging materials will be offered a Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to ensure best results

RFID consultancy model design phase - Turck Vilant Systems



  • After the Site Survey, a our expert produces a system scope documentation that acts as a basis for discussion
  • The solution concept is developed in co-operation between us and the customer

RFID consultancy model project planning phase - Turck Vilant Systems



  • Once the we and the customer agree on the scope a commitment is expected from customer side
  • We will kick off the project and nominate a project manager and a project team
  • Our project manager works on an execution plan in co-operation with the customer

RFID consultancy model - project execution phase

  • Our project manager leads a delivery team consisting of experts from different areas (e.g. programming, testing, system design)
  • Typically work in this phase is organized after an agile working method

RFID consultancy model - rollout phase - Turck Vilant Systems

  • The system has been developed and tested by our execution team
  • RFID readers are installed at the customer site and software has been deployed and is ready for taking into use
  • Our engineer visits the customer site, takes the system into use and trains the customer key users

RFID consultancy model - support phase - Turck Vilant Systems

  • Once the project is closed, we train an internal support team on special points on customer application
  • Typically our team is available as a second level support for all of our customers
  • We also offer support 24/7 all year round

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