Vilant Systems now officially Turck Vilant Systems

Although working under the new Turck Vilant Systems brand from the beginning of the year, the official registration of our name has taken a bit longer with local authorities in all of the countries where we operate. We are now glad to announce to all of our customers and partners that from July the 9th all Vilant Systems companies are officially registered as Turck Vilant Systems.

You will have seen during the course of spring 2018 that our email addresses have been changed to and that you can reach our support team by emailing them at or at

Our new official names and administrative email addresses are listed below

All other company information remains the same





Turck Vilant Systems Oy


Info letter for companies located in Finland

Info letter for companies located outside of Finland



Turck Vilant Systems Oy, Finland Filial


Info letter


Turck Vilant Systems GmH


Info letter for companies located in Germany

Info letter for companies located in outside of Germany



Turck Vilant Systems AG


Info letter

Information letter

Customers and partners should receive or have received an information letter about the name change. In case you did not receive it, you can obtain yours by clicking your company location above.

Enquiries on the subject

Please feel free to contact the email addresses listed above or your own Turck Vilant Systems representative for further information.