RFID systems revolutionise the way businesses track goods and manage their inventory. Our turnkey solutions inject a new level of efficiency to your business.

Automatic Data Capture to benefit Business Processes

Almost any object can be equipped with a UHF RFID tag and thus it is identifiable reliably, and from a distance. Once RFID tagged, the object leaves a digital trace that business processes use for supply chain automation such as automatic registering of inbound or outbound goods, monitoring work progress or material consumption.

The Turck Vilant Systems RFID solution is designed following the industry standards ratified by GS1, and has ready-to-use components for all typical RFID use cases.

At the heart of any RFID Solution is the data capture of different events. Turck Vilant Systems always selects RFID readers and Antennas with best fit to a customer process. Our aspiration is to serve even the most demanding use cases and to use best-in-class reader hardware. Hence, our data collection software running on the selected readers, Vilant Client and Vilant Engine are designed to be 100% device independent.

Our Vilant Server monitors and controls all the RFID readers and read events. The captured data are processed and fed to customer application or automation layer for further actions. The Vilant Server infrastructure also forwards all necessary customer data for further actions on the RFID reader side.

Capturing RFID read events

A modern UHF RFID system has the capability to read RFID tags in the range of over ten meters. In an environment where there are many RFID gates next to each other, for example, in the loading area of a distribution center, the long read range and difficulties to create uniform read zone lead to stray reads or unwanted reads. To eliminate any possibility for stray reads, Turck Vilant Systems has continuously developed advanced algorithms based on signal characteristics since 2006. The development is ongoing and Turck Vilant Systems an industry forerunner with in-built algorithms for direction detection, stray read removals and in-door positioning of forklifts.

The performance of read accuracy is the most important factor for an RFID system. For the ideal UHF RFID system, the reader should achieve close to 100% read accuracy when tags pass  an RFID read point. When we conduct a site survey, we set the KPIs. Therefore we always can ensure the highest performance.

RFID gates


Only items going through gate registered

Direction detection

Stray read removal

Read accuracy ensured


Forklift RFID


Knowing exactly what is on the fork and what not

Direction detection

Stray read removal

Floor tag reading and forklift positioning

Mobile RFID


For RFID use cases needing mobility such as field service and shunting yard related tasks to name a few

Application built to support different operation systems and hardware brands

Intuitive and customizable user-interface

Software Architechture

RFID Software

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